For Candace, it meant being passionately devoted to her friends and family around the dinner table. Preparing and enjoying a delicious meal with loved ones was a treasured experience. While dining in the company of others, Candace would animatedly describe how the flavors and feeling of food were “just stupid good!”  To Candace, there was no better way to describe a fantastic meal with friends.

On June 4th 2014, Candace was diagnosed with Stage 3 stomach cancer. After what seemed like a rather routine treatment of a stomach ulcer, she received an alarming call while standing alone in the middle of her local grocery store preparing for a dinner party that night with friends. The business professional, mother of two and loving wife soon discovered that her life would be forever changed.

With the love and support of her friends and family, including her husband and co-founder, Jeff Netzer, Candace turned her love of the food experience, her curiosity for healthy eating and her joy of being surrounded by friends at the dinner table into the powerful reason for our cause. The message of “Stupid Strong” was born.

Sadly, Candace passed away November 28, 2017. She will be missed but never be forgotten. Her legacy continues to live on with our mission as Stupid Strong celebrates the comfort and strength that comes from the support of others.