$152,000 Early Detection Research Grant in Partnership with Baylor Health Care System

This past year, STUPID STRONG completed its funding commitment for a research grant of $151,974 for the development of micro-RNA biomarkers for the early detection of patients with gastric cancer. The three year study is focused on the development of less invasive, accurate tests to detect gastric cancer early at a time when the disease is still treatable. Principal investigator, Dr. Ajay Goel (pictured left), Director, Center for Gastrointestinal Research and Director, Center for Epigenetics, Cancer Prevention & Cancer Genomics, intends to conduct research on the use of circulating biomarkers in the bloodstream, which could lead to a minimally invasive “liquid biopsy” to detect this deadly form of cancer. Since the process of carcinogenesis is driven by the development of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms, measuring changes in the genome using biomarkers is a means to achieve the goal of early detection.

Dr. Ajay Goel states, “The seed funding has allowed to develop a panel of microRNA markers with greater than 90% accuracy, have allowed filing for patent protection and to potentially seed the development of a consumer-viable early detection blood-base test to deploy in the market in the foreseeable future.” As we continue to raise funds from our charity events, we continue our quest to fund early detection research and promising new treatment options.

STUPID STRONG is pleased to provide support to Baylor Health Care System Foundation for the proposed research study to identify a panel of microRNA biomarkers in blood that may be used for early detection of gastric cancer.

In 2018 and beyond we will continue to invest in critical research and innovative new treatment options. We look forward to sharing more news and to continue our Founder’s legacy.

“With already low five year survival rates compounded by a trend of increased diagnoses in younger Americans, we believe this project can have a definitive and high impact in transforming the clinical practice for noninvasive screening in patients with gastric cancer.”

– Candace Netzer